Harmony, Health and Wealth (2 Jan - 12 February 2011)

Golden Blossom Set
 retail : RM254.40
special price : RM169.00

Tall Canister
retail : RM69.90
special price : RM48.00

One Touch Canister Large (2)
retail : RM79.60
special price : RM55.00
Fortune Gift Set
retail : RM76.60
special price : RM47.00

One Touch Bowl(4)

retail : RM54.00
special price : RM33.00 
*with purchase of Fortune Gift Set*

Legacy Floria Bowl (4)
retail : RM25.60
special price : RM22.00

Legacy Floria Plates (4)
retail : RM44.80
special price : RM39.00

Handy Pitcher
retail : RM51.20
special price: 37.00

Lucky Eight (8)
retail : RM62.40
special price: RM46.00

Lucky Set (Handy Pitcher + Lucky Eight)
retail : RM88.80
special price: RM76.00

Modular Mates Essential Set
retail : RM209.60
special price: RM178.00

MM Rectangular Set
retail : RM143.20
special price: RM121.00

MM Starter Set
retail : RM86.50
special price: RM74.00

Rice Dispenser + free Legacy Floria Bowl (4)
retail : RM288.00
special price: RM240.00 (free postage)

Season serve
retail : RM49.80
special price: RM43.00

Large Stor N Pour (3)
retail : RM63.00
special price: RM54.00

Salt N Spice Set (2)
retail : RM29.60
special price: RM26.00

Garlic N All Keeper
retail : RM59.90
special price: RM51.00

Steam It
retail : RM49.90
special price: RM43.00

FreezerMate Essential Set
retail : RM193.00
special price: RM127.00

FM Medium Set
retail : RM154.30
special price: RM131.00

FM Starter Set
retail : RM105.00
special price: RM89.00
Fresh N Pure Ice Tray (2)
retail : RM55.20
special price: RM35.90

Ice Cream Maker (6)
retail : RM46.90
special price: RM41.00

Ice Cream Maker (12)
retail : RM93.80
special price: RM65.00

Rectangular Water Container
retail : RM94.20
special price: RM65.00

Handy Cool (2)
retail : RM59.80
special price: RM44.00

Modular Keeper with Grid
retail : RM86.90
special price: RM59.00

Large Square Round (3)
retail : RM66.90
special price: RM58.00

Medium Square Round (4)
retail : RM68.00
special price: RM58.00

Square Round (4)
retail : RM49.60
special price: RM43.00

retail : RM48.00
special price: RM35.00
TaPau Set
retail : RM136.90
special price: RM116.00

Eco Spring Bottle (4)
retail : RM64.80
special price: RM56.00
CrystalWave Soup Mug (2)
retail : RM38.80
special price : RM34.00

CrystalWave Divided Dish
retail : RM38.70
special price : RM34.00

Reheatable Divided Lunch
retail : RM39.90
special price : RM35.00

Love In The City (2)
retail : RM25.90
special price : RM23.00

Activ Quencher
retail : RM38.80
special price : RM33.00

High Handolier with Pouch
retail : RM52.90
special price : RM46.00

Thirstquake Tumbler with Pouch
retail : RM39.20
special price : RM34.00

Thirstbreak Tumbler (4)
retail : RM50.40
special price : RM44.00

Outdoor Cooler
retail : RM99.80
special price : RM84.00

Water Dispenser
retail : RM156.80
special price : RM133.00

Small Goody Box with Cariolier (4)
retail : RM73.80
special price : RM64.00

Large Square Away (4)
retail : RM61.60
special price : RM53.00

B2B Slice N Stor (2)
retail : RM59.80
special price : RM52.00

B2B Snack Stor
retail : RM39.90
special price : RM34.00

retail : RM69.80
special price : RM59.00

TupperChef Wok
retail : RM459.00
special price : RM380.00

TupperChef Fryer with Glass Cover
retail : RM273.00
special price : RM232.00

Prosperity Saver with Cariolier
with every purchase of RM300.00)
tupperware offer : RM56.30

special price : RM49.00

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