Fresh Wonders (15May - 30 June 2011)

Harga tidak termasuk kos penghantaran
Penghantaran pada hari rabu dan sabtu sahaja
Pembelian RM200 --> percuma Small Round Container (worth RM6.50)
Pembelian RM400 --> free postage (semenanjung shj) dan Small Round Container

Snowflakes Wonders : RM149.00
Cool Square Round(4) : RM45.00

Square-A-Way(4) : RM33.00

Fresh N Pure Ice Tray (2) :  RM34.00
Ice Cream Maker (12) : RM64.00
Modular Keeper with Grid : RM59.00
Freeze Me Quick(8) : RM135.00

Chic in the City : RM51.00

Let's Eat Out Set + free Classic Mini Bowl : RM115.00
Outdoor Cooler (new color) : RM68.00

Beverage Buddy : RM27.00

Eco Bottle Spring(4) : RM56.00
Thirstquake Tumbler with Pouch 900ml : RM28.00

Giant Canister : RM41.00

MM Essential Set : RM175.00
MM Rectangular Set : RM121.00
MM Starter Set : RM74.00

Ezy Paste w/spoon (2) : RM46.00

Rice Dispenser : RM240.00 (free postage semenanjung)
Legacy Floria Microwaveable Serving Set : RM140.00

TupperChef Fryer with Glass Cover : RM190.00
TupperChef Wok : RM368.00

Nano Nature Water Filtration System : RM2010.00

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