Let's Jazz Up (11-30 June 2012)

Kurma Gift Set = RM51
Kurma Gift Set (4 set) + 1 set percuma = RM200
pwp Ezy Oval Keeper(4) = RM34

Activ Quencher Jet Black = RM33
buy 2 = get free Mini Square Away(2)

Pooh Story Canisters(4) = RM66
pwp : Snack Cups = RM16

Disney Collection Tumbler = RM68
Precious Baby Collection = RM89.30
pwp : Formula Dispenser = RM15

Floristika Bowl = RM62
Outdoor Cooler = RM75
Polka Dot One Touch(8) = RM129

Nutrimetics Powdery Liquid Foundation = RM32
Stay On Lipstik = RM34

with purchase RM150
Tupperware Sustainability Bag = RM3.90
* free with purchase RM190

with purchase RM190
Modular Mate Rectangular II = RM26

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