Tupperware (13 Aug-29 Sept) Effortless Meal Everyday

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Turbo Chopper : RM109

Kitchen on the Move : RM145
buy Turbo Chopper --> Kitchen on the Move = RM118

Salt N Spice Set : RM28
Season Serve : RM43
Large Stor N Pour : RM56
Rice Dispenser : RM240

Garlic Keeper : RM54
buy 2 : RM81

Steam It (free 1 layer) : RM43

Moon Cake Gift Set : RM97
pwp: Medium Handy Bowl(4) : RM26

Outdoor Snack Box : RM53

Eco Family Set : RM69
Eco bottle brush : RM18

Thirstbreak Tumbler : RM45
Thirstquake Tumbler with Pouch : RM34
Beverage Buddy Cool Aqua : RM34
High Handolier with Pouch : RM45
Activ Quencher Jet Black : RM33

Precious baby collection : RM76
pwp : Baby Divided Dish :  RM11

Disney Collection Tumbler : RM68

Pooh Story Canister : RM66
pwp : Snack Cups : RM16

FreezerMate Set : RM118
FreezerMate Essential Set : RM164
FreezerMate Medium Set : RM131

Modular Keeper with Grid :  RM79
Rectangular Water Container : RM84

Fridge Water Bottle : RM34
Handy Cool : RM51

Large-Square-A-Way : RM55
B2B Snack Stor : RM36
B2B Slice & Stor : RM51
Water Dispenser : RM142
Outdoor Cooler : RM93

CrystalWave Soup Mug : RM36
CrystalWave Divided Dish : RM34
Reheatable Divided Lunch Box : RM37

Blossom Microwaveable Serveware : RM211

Blossom Microwaveable Bowls : RM29
Blossom Microwaveable Plates : RM41
Blossom Pitcher : RM45
Blossom Mugs & Seals : RM39

Cookware Collection : RM2,370
Fryer & Saucepan Set : RM920
Casserole Pot & Stock Pot Set : RM1,035
Inspire Wok : RM839

NaturCare Lacto-Fiber 300gm : RM109
NaturCare Lacto-Fiber 12s : RM49

BerryGen : RM185

Colostrum Vanilla Chews 240s: RM212
Colostrum Chews 120s (Vanilla/Chocolate) : RM118

Multi Plus Ginseng 30s : RM58
Multi Plus Ginseng 60s : RM105
OmegaQ10 (60s) : RM125
OmegaQ10 (120s) : RM225

Water Filter : RM2,200

Purchase RM480
free Shallow Carry All + free postage

Purchase RM880
free Shallow Carry All
+ free Deep Carry All with Cariolier + free postage

Purchase RM250
purchase Jumbo Mugs at RM7.90

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