Love (10 Feb - 30 March 2013)


Fridge Water Bottle : RM34.00
Handy Cool : RM51.00
Beverage Buddy Cool Aqua : RM34.00
Thirstbreak Tumblers : RM45.00

Water Wonder-All : RM109.00
Thirstquake Tumbler with Pouch : RM34.00
Activ Quencher Jet Black : RM33.00
High Handolier with Pouch : RM45.00
Tiwi Baby Bottle : RM59.00

Water Filter : RM2,200.00


Square Round : RM48.00
Large Square Round : RM62.00
Freezermate Medium Set : RM131.00
Vegesafe : RM27.00

RM42.00Portable Cutlery Set : RM13.90 (pwp)

Soup Mug : RM37.00
Reheatable Divided Lunch Box : RM36.00
Divided Dish : RM34.00
Small Rectangular Saver : RM43.00
Medium Square Round : RM64.00
Lolli Plates : RM41.00
Small Goody Box with Cariolier : RM53.00

Melamine Bowl : RM9.90 (with purchase RM300)

Blossom Set : RM209.00
Blossom Mugs : RM32.00
Preludio Pitcher : RM33.00

Rice Dispenser : RM240.00 (free postage)
Large Store N Pour : RM56.00
Garlic-N-All Keeper : RM54.00

Steam It : RM43.00
Season Serve : RM43.00
Salt N Spice Set : RM56.00 (pwp: Rack=RM9.90)

Turbo Chopper : RM109.00
Kitchen on the Move : RM145.00


Cookware Collection : RM2,370.00
pwp: Knife Sharperner : RM75.00
Saucepan : RM330.00
Casserole Pot : RM420.00
Stock Pot : RM610.00

Asian Meals : RM11.00/pcs

BerryGen (3 boxes): RM499

BerryGen : RM185
Mini Quick Shake : RM20.00
Green Tea : RM18.00

Lacto Fiber 300gm: RM109
Lacto Fiber 12s : RM50.00
Colostrum 120s : RM118
Colostrum 15s : RM210.00 (free 15s)

MultiPlus Ginseng : RM105.00
OmegaQ10 : RM225.00 (free mini quick shake)

Square Round Gift Set : RM159.00
FM Essential Set : RM164.00
FM Starter Set : RM89.00

MM Essential Set : RM175.00
MM Starter Set : RM74.00
MM Rectangular Set : RM120.00

Heart Shape Keychain : RM2.50 (with purchase RM250.00)

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