Bring Home Abundance (27 Jan - 15 Feb 2014)

Prosperity Fortune Set : RM135.00

Blue Commuter Mug : RM45.00
Pink Commuter Mug : RM45.00
Blue + Pink : RM85.00 (pwp - Green Tea: RM10.00)
Twinkle Tup Set : RM75.00
Formula Dispenser : RM17.00
Double Square Round : RM22.00

Blossom Set : RM191.00
Maxi Canister set : RM83.00
Wash N Strain : RM22.00
Salt N Spice : RM29.00 (pwp-Rack: RM9.90)
Fresh N Cool : RM59.00

Fun Tumblers : RM44.00
Monster Inc. Mike Tumbler & Bento Box : RM19.90
MM Rectangular Set : RM73.00
On the go tumbler with ice element : RM33.00
Hot Flask : RM101.00

Ultra Care + Facial Peel Creme : RM97.00
N Mame up Palette Natural Glamour : RM77.00
Ultra Care + Anti-wrinkle Retinol Serum : RM129.00 (2 units)
Petal Pressed Powder (light/medium) : RM23.00

Restore Anti-Ageing Eye Creme : RM65.00
Mineral Masque : RM48.00 (free eye creme)
Honey & Almond Scrub : RM51.00 (free eye creme)
Nutrimetics Lip Gloss : RM22.00
Love N Adore EDT : RM9.90 (with purchase RM150.00)

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